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SHANGHAITEAMSTAND CORPORATION, Headquartered in Shanghai, is a professional supplir ofmedical products and solutions.“For your health”, deeply rooted in everyone’shearts of our team, we focus on innovation and provides healthcare solutionsthat improves and extends people’s lives.

Weare both a manufacturer and exporter. With over 10 years’ experience in healthcaresupply, two factories in Wenzhou and Hangzhou, over 100 partner manufacturers, which enable us to provide our customerwith widest selection of products, consistently low pricing, excellent OEM services and on-time delivery forcustomers.4.Advantage.jpg

Relyingon our own advantages, we have so far become the supplier appointed by Australian Government Department ofHealth(AGDH) & California Department of Public Health(CDPH) and ranked inTop 5 Players of Infusion, Injection & paracentesis products in China.

Upto 2021, we had delivered products to our customers in over 120 countries, suchas, USA, EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. annual turnover is over USD300million.

Our responsivenessand commitment to our customers’ needsis evident in our actions every day. This is who we are and the reasonwhy customers choose us as their trusted, integrated business partner.